We create all the visual elements your project needs

Who We Are

We are a creative team focusing on offering great Game Art assets and Graphic Design.

We are Natalia and Alicia, two sisters that are so very passionate about art. Creativity is our thing, and we imprint in our works, be it Graphic Design, video game assets or Illustration.
We do our best on every project to present our clients with high quality works.
Our strong points are our creativity, professionalism, communication and that we enjoy what we do and put our 100% in every project.


Alicia Ortiz Profile picture

“As part of DrawOrDrop Studio, I've been in charge of the concept art, character art, design and animation for Mandarina Games and Infinigon, among others. I love creating new and fun characters to bring life to stories, be it for games, books or any other storytelling media.”
Skillset: Ilustration - Character Design - Concept Art - Photoshop



Natalia Ortiz profile picture

“Mi years of experience in the industry have allowed me to enjoy with all the different creative processes of a project and varios disciplines. Mi curiosity and versatility have turned me into a polivalent profile in a constant learning process. ”
Skillset: Ilustration - 3D modelling - animation - Concept art - Design - Photoshop - Autodesk Maya



What We Offer

We offer a complete service to create all the visual elements that your company, brand or product could ever need.


We create illustrations in a variety of styles adapted to your needs to give life to your product and get your target public's attention.

Graphic Design

We create the look that your company, brand or product needs and all the materials necessary to leave your print and stand out.

Game Art

We create unique quality art for your games, or for those with a tight budget, we offer asset packs with a great price and value. Turn your games into interactive works of art.

Our Works

Take a look at some of our more prominent works.

Our Clients

These are clientes we have developed projects for:

Mandarina Games
A Crowd of Monsters
albira solutions

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